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Bonus Track - Solo Episode - 3 Sparkles at Christmas

December 21, 2020 Nicola Paull Season 1 Episode 0
The Nicola Paull Approach Podcast
Bonus Track - Solo Episode - 3 Sparkles at Christmas
Show Notes

So, what exactly do I mean by ‘steps to self-love at Christmas’? Well, I thought I might go through 3 of my favourite reasons to sparkle this Christmas in the hope that they might give you some inspiration. I have also written my very first blog post on Self-Care at Christmas and there is an extended version of my 10 favourite ways to sparkle in this holiday season, so why not head on over there after you have listened to this, at, I will leave the link in the show notes, I’d love to know if you get a shimmer of joy from this bonus track so I can focus on making similar content! Also a gentle reminder that my ‘Evolve’ package as 2 spaces left, if you were thinking of bringing out your power house version in 2021! If this is the first time you have heard of this, then head on over to

Sparkle Number one

Self-care is so important in my life: I say to myself every day that if I don’t look after my well-being then how can I be there for anyone else?  Every morning I make sure my day starts off well by waking up and making an intention for myself. With Christmas just round corner, and all the chaos that can bring (busy shops, extensive wish lists, planning Christmas dinner – you know the drill!), it’s especially important to keep some focus and be grateful, Once I have my intention, I jump in the shower and visualise the water washing away all of the negative energy I might have absorbed the day before. 

Something I’ve been doing recently is wearing clothes that make me feel bright and cheery – vibrant colours to add a bit of joy to the dreary winter days. Last of all, I draw my daily affirmation card, then, depending on how I’m feeling in that moment, I will spend 15 minutes either:

Listening to my favourite Podcast (mine at the moment are:

Happy Place by Fearne Cotton

Good Vibes Good Life by Vex King

Sparkle Two

Going for a crisp winter’s walk, all wrapped up and warm is a wonderful day to care for both your mind and body. There’s nothing quite like walking around in nature. I live in the New Forest, so I’m very lucky to have gorgeous woodlands on my doorstep. I feel really grateful that I have this, but that doesn’t mean wandering around a city or anywhere else doesn’t have its own appeal! Wherever you live, it’s always a fun challenge to go out and see what you can discover about your area. Have a wander, get out for some fresh air and let your mind and soul breathe. Even if you only walk for 20 minutes, it still gets your blood pumping around your body and changes your mindset.

Sparkle Three

Communicating with friends and family that you are unable to see over this season via video chat or even speaking over the phone is so important. Especially at the moment with ‘rona around, this is even more special. I have found that video chats with my nearest and dearest  has really helped my well-being. It was hard at first, as I am a very sociable chatty person and also love to have a hug with I see my friends/family/clients not being able

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